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>> because somebody knows where he is. we're asking everyone, we need your help. somebody knows where garrett is. garrett and jamie neal, they know where they are. someone is with them somewhere. so we need them to call us, we need them to come home. >> we're not going to get my brother home if we're not smart about this and we don't think through what moves, you know -- how can we be intelligent about this rather than going into the dark place, you know, that people could go into. we have to unite as a family and use the education that we have and the resources we have. >> garrett hand's mom said they're told there's video of them getting off a bus in lima and into a taxi. it's believed they may have taken a bus to copolca. and people say they saw them after the banking and facebook stopped. this journey was expected to end
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very soon n the coming days. now they're just sitting by the phone hoping and waiting for good news. reporting live in lon covered, christie smith. palo alto still looking for a man who reportedly tried to rob another man at gunpoint. they say around 8:30 friday night a man who looks like this rode up on a bicycle outside webster parking garage, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. the victim tried to wrestle that gun away, but when he couldn't, he says he managed to run away. fortunately he was not hurt. three other armed robberies have happened in that palo alto area in recent weeks. police right now trying to figure out if they are related. two teenagers now behind bars after a carjacking led to a police pursuit, then a crash at a shopping center in union city. it began in fremont yesterday afternoon after police went after a stolen mercedes. the chase ended at union city's union landing shopping center right off 880 after the suspects
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hit a tree before slamming into six parked cars. the owner of one of those cars says he was inside a movie theater at the time and had no idea his car had been hit until later. >> the person that committed this crime, you know, by hijacking the gentleman's mercedes, he caused all this mess where people like me and her were just enjoying our sunday at the movies. >> one woman was inside her parked car when it was hit. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> happening right now, the search intensifies for two adults and two children lost at sea for more than 16 hours now. this morning the concern is how long that family could survive out in all the frigid water there about 65 miles off the coast of monterey. bob redell joining us live at the coast guard station on yerba buena island. >> reporter: you can see over my right shoulder the coast guard is sending out another vessel. this will be heading out to sea
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presumably to help out in the search of this family of four. coast guard sector san francisco just released a portion -- a very short portion of the audio from the distress call in case anyone in the public can recognize the voice and help searchers figure out who these people are. they know it's a mother, father, their 4-year-old son and a cousin who is no longer than 7. they all had to abandon ship yesterday afternoon but no names, no i.d., take a listen. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning the ship. we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: there you have it. the father on the boat telling the coast guard they are abandoning ship. that was the call that came in at 5:30 sunday afternoon. coast guard tells us they've thrown every asset they can into this search. this morning a helo joined the other coast guard aircraft and ships already searching a large area roughly 65 miles off the monterey coast line.
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the first distress call came in at 4:20 yesterday afternoon. it was a broken-up transmission from the father say their sailboat called "charm blow" was taking on water and its electronics were failing. you just heard the second and final distress call that the four of them would be abandoning ship. the coast guard knows they do not have survival suits or life rafts. they are unsure about life jackets. they might have tried to improvise a raft out of a cooler and life ring. >> some of the details aren't as clear. that's why we don't know if they were able to make a raft and get on board a raft made of coolers. that's what we think might have happened, but we're not sure. we're reviewing the tapes trying to get whatever details we can out of that. >> here's a list of the assets searching for this family of four that have been on board the "charm blow." an hc-130 hercules aircraft and
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three helos and three coast guard ships down to a 47-foot patrol boat. they are covering a large grid area that accounts for the fact that the current would be taking the family south from their last known location. the coast guard is also u)át channels for other ship to be on the lookout. the coast guard is asking anyone in the public who knows anything about the "charm blow" to help them identify where these people are, where they're from and where they might have been headed. reporting live from yerba buena island, bob redell. police identified a man who shot an oakland rapper as he drove down las vegas boulevard. officers say 23-year-old amar harris is armed and dangerous. his arrest history includes kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault. on thursday morning police say harris was driving a black range rover on the las vegas strip when he shot at oakland rapper kenny "clutch" cherry. cherry was hit and it drove the
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maserati right into a taxi, that taxi exploded killing a driver and a passenger in the cab. police found harris' suv a few blocks away on saturday. this morning the alameda county coroner's office is working to identify a body pulled out of the water at jack london square. firefighters pulled the person out yesterday afternoon, but at this hour it still remains a mystery who this person is and how they got there. witnesses say it was spotted near the shore around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. if you know anything about this incident, you're asked to call police. the alameda county sheriff's department today telling it side of the story following a scene landing mc hammer in jail. he was arrested in dublin on charges of resisting and harassing an officer. the victim claims he was a victim of racial profiling and the words from the officer was are you on parole or probation? the car hammer was parked in was
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not registered to him and the registration had expired. a lieutenant telling us, quote, hammer became very argumentative when questioned about the vehicle. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. end of quote. over twitter hammer dubbed this incident, a teachable moment. so i guess we should find out some time soon if hammer's too legit to acquit. >> to acquit. very good. ba-bump-bump-bump. can you argue with the forecast, though. >> no, it is legit. wount want to do any kind of quitting. next week, wait, we've got that rain on the way. but not this week. one of those weeks where the entire nation is jealous of our weather starting right now. 11:09 beautiful picture here, san francisco looking great. the bay has a few ripples out there on the water. the small craft advisory in place for mariners due to some gusty winds.
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55 in snl sj. on our way to the mid to upper 60s. warm filtered sunshine. you'll notice those clouds streaming in today. a weak disturbance comes through. that will keep temperatures level. then the climb is on. as we head through the end of the week, temperatures are going to approach the 80s. speaking of m.c. hammer, the 80s as we head to the end of the week. starting to feel warmer each and every day. >> we'll concur, we'll take that. >> we'll turn this out. >> she just keeps going and going. happy to be a part of it. this is good stuff. why a high ranking cardinal is resigning just days before the conclave votes for the next pope. we'll let you know who took home a golden statue at last night's oscars including a local company. yahoo!'s new ceo makes what she probably thinks is a simple decision, but the critics come out of the woodwork.
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we'll take a look in business news. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to add some beauty to your yard, get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today.
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a spokeswoman for oscar pistorius says the athlete reported to south african authorities today as part of his bail conditions. a vehicle believed to be carrying the olympian was spotted leaving his uncle's home today. as part of his bail conditions, pistorius cannot return to his home where he shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp valentine's day morning. he's now facing murder charge, though he maintains he thought steenkamp was an intruder when he shot her through a bathroom door. on friday he was granted $113,000 bail at the end of a four-day bail hearing. his next court appearance is june 4th. then in a very strange twist pistorius' attorney says his older brother is also facing homicide charges from a 2008 crash that killed a motorcyclists. carl pistorius, who sat behind
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his brother oscar every day at his bail hearing, will now face his own homicide trial for the incident that happened five years ago. carl quietly appeared in court on thursday, one day before his brother was released on bail. his next appearance is scheduled for the end of march. in his final days leading the catholic church pope benedict changing the rules on how a new pope is elected. card nals will now be allowed to start that process prior to the usual 15-day transition period. also today britain's highest ranking catholic leader stepping down in the wake of misconduct allegations and will not be part of the upcoming election. anne thompson has more from the vatican. >> reporter: even in his final days as pope, scandal continue to dog his papacy and the church. headlines of blackmail and conspiracy that the vatican vehement denies. american cardinal roger mahoney
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has so far ignored calls to stay home from the conclave to choose the next pope because of his conduct about abusive priests. >> if someone has erred in some way or another it doesn't stop their judgment in other matters. >> reporter: today cardinal o'brien resigned after being accused by three priests and a former priest of inappropriate behavior going back to the 1980s. ugly headlines that one vatican watcher says will shake the deliberations of the conclave. >> some of this is politics, but other parts of it are long delayed reckoning with problems that require facing and correcting in the church. >> reporter: despite the controversy, st. peter's square still felt like a well behaved mosh pit during benedict's final blessing. they came to say thank you to the pontiff speaking from his window for the last time. the pope said he's not abandoning the church but following god's call to more
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prayer and meditation. also this morning, the pope met with the three cardinals who prepared the secret report about the valileaks scandal. that report has been written about a lot in italian newspapers here, but the pope said only he knows the contents of that report and it will be shared with the new pope. i'm anne thompson in vatican city. now back to you. thank you, anne. yahoo!'s ceo getting quite a bit of pushback this morning over what she probably thought was a simple order. she wants people to work at work and not from home. scott mcgrew, some people are very angry. >> reporter: yeah, and they've made it about gender, men versus women. marissa mayer sent out a memo on friday telling home workers to find a yahoo! office and start showing up for work. all things dee quotes several insiders saying the work from home crowd wasn't getting very much accomplished.
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so the speculation is mayer is trying to flush those people out or get rid of them. but taken in a larger context, yahoo! becomes the first major company to try and then end telecommuting, which was supposed to be the wave of the future. now, it is hard to imagine donald trump in any way being involved in this story, but in fact he is. this morning he tweeted, quote, marissa mayer of yahoo! is right in wanting women to come in and no longer work from home. who knows what they're doing there? now, nobody said anything about women workers. this new rule applies to all, but the issue has quickly become a gender issue. this morning on the "today" show one analyst called the whole thing anti-women. >> to basically say that, you know, no working from home. and pretty much no working from home ever, no matter what the circumstances are. truly makes it fl sort of an anti-parent, in many ways, anti-female workplace. >> there you have it.
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yahoo! has not commented on this memo at all. >> if donald trump was watching, i'd have a few words with him. >> would you now? i note she's not joking. what's not a joke either t beautiful weather we're seeing outside. donald trump be warned. >> even he wouldn't fire mother nature. a beautiful day in san jose. a few high clouds, haze over the city by the bay in san francisco. otherwise we're looking really good. temperatures climbing nicely. 62 in sunnyvale, 54 in oakland. throughout the day today we'll jump from the 50s to the upper 60s and keep on climbing deeper into the week. a good forecast if you've been missing the warm bay area days. winds will play a factor. you can see they're between 5 to 10 miles per hour. as we head throughout the second half of the day with a weak disturbance that pass to the north. throughout the day you may find yourself sniffling, sneezing.
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we're still in the heart of flu season. now allergy season creeping up. you want to keep your medication handy and those levels will be high all week long until we get rain next week, tuesday. not this tuesday, the following tuesday. warm up this week generated by that big strong ridge of high pressure. that will keep the storm track to our north and bring the temperatures up each and every day. 63 on the east shore in fremont and 64 in oakland. meanwhile, getting oh so close to the 70s flirting with that mark in fairfield today at 69 degrees. i do want to spend a little extra time on the seven-day outlook and go through the changes. they'll be suggest before temperatures start to climb. tuesday temperatures level off, we'll see a little cloud cover tomorrow with another disturbance passing to our north. wednesday starting the climb up to 69. the 70s return on thursday. the mid-70s on the way for friday. that 74 is in places like san jose. places that get the warmest around the bay area, gilroy, for example, could be talking about
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80 degrees on friday. we hold on to that warmth for saturday. great beach weather shaping up, great barbecue weather. then sunday we'll cool you off a bit as that system i was talking about will bring us rain next tuesday and starts to move closer to the bay area. but overall, guys, a nice warm stretch of weather. enjoy it. >> you're talking about the first weekend in march. thanks, christina. >> she pumps her fist going off, as you should, young lady. everything you need to know about last night's academy awards show. it was a fun one to watch. who took home the gold statues. and why alex smith might be following in the footsteps of joe montana. we'll explain. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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and the oscar goes to -- the academy awards wrapped up with plenty of big winners. >> "argo." congratulations. >> how about that? first lady michelle obama announcing the biggest prize for best picture which went to that guy, ben affleck and his team, for that thriller about the rescue of six american hostages in iran. affleck produced, directed and starred in the film which won three oscars including best adapted screenplay. "life of pi" taking home best director for ang lee and daniel day-lewis, he made history winning his third oscar for best actor for his starring role in lincoln. >> my fellow nominee, my equals, my besters, i'm so proud to have been included amongst you. >> you're just doing that because you feel bad that i fell. >> she's getting nothing but rave reviews for how she handled
11:22 am
it. jennifer lawrence slipped on the stairs as she made her way to the stage to claim her prize, then anne hathaway took home the best supporting actress for "les miz." you were glad that your buddy ted made the show. >> mark wahlberg. mark's pretty cute, too. jennifer newsome, wife of gashen newsom, was not a winner at the oscars. pixar's "brave" snagged the award for best animated feature. this marks pixar's seventh win in that category since the award was first handed out in 2002. they plan to celebrate all day long at their emeryville offices. enjoy it. for a list of oscar winners go to and search full list oscar winners. when we come back, alex smith may be on the move and
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we'll tell you where he might be headed.
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question for you is alex out? rumors are swirling that the 49ers have worked out a deal to trade qb alex smith. >> this according to cbs sports. they're reporting the deal is a done one but it can't be announced until march 12th that's when the league officially starts. there's no word on who will be acquiring smith. the experts seem to believe it is the kansas city chiefs. the new chiefs head coach andy reid reportedly interested in acquiring smith. now, a former starting 49ers quarterback being traded to edd kansas city not unprecedented. joe montana was shipped off in 1993. then finally this morning she may not have won it all but danica patrick still made history at daytona. she started the race as the
11:26 am
first female to ever take on the pole position and she became the first woman to ever lead a lap at daytona. she finished eighth. jimmie johnson won his second.
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[cell phone vibrates] >> hello. >> lemon, good morning. wh--what is that sound? are you frying bacon? >> no, it's my new running shoes. >> [laughs] oh, come on. lemon, i'm going over the guest list for my 50th birthday party and you have not rsvp'd. >> oh, right, sorry. my mail's been piling up and i keep forgetting to buy toilet paper so... >> what is that supposed to mean? >> nothing. i'm coming. >> good. and don't wear that thing with the belt. >> what thing with the belt? don't hang up. i have a lot of belted outfit-- oh, what is this idiot doing? >> i will be brief. i have decided to fulfill my dream of going into space. if you have a spaceship and are looking
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for a hilarious astronaut with an irregular heartbeat and $30 million, i'm prepared to leave as soon as tomorrow. >> [sighs] >> i wrote that yesterday. i will not be taking questions. >> ugh! [knocking] >> hello, dummy. >> no! nope! not interested. have a good life. >> this is important. it's about my mom. >> [sighs] >> that was a lie. but listen, elizabeth, i recently discovered that i'm a sex addict. >> no, you're not. >> yeah, i am. i'd be an even worse sex addict if i wasn't so consumed with my latest business venture. >> i don't want to hear about your job, dennis. >> one word. coffee. one problem. where do you get it? >> anywhere. you get it anywhere. >> wrong. you get it at my coffee vending machine. 38th and 6th in the basement of the kmart. just go downstairs. you get the key from david. and boom, you plug in the machine and-- >> you're done.
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